Can Foreign Students Become Permanent Residents in Australia?

Many ambitious students have a dream to pursue their further studies in a country like Australia. If you successfully enter any of the prestigious university in Australia, it is obvious that you may find the chances of living in Australia on permanent basis. People from different parts of the world are trying to migrate to the country. With its scenic beauty and strong economic growth, Australia can be the best choice for permanent residency.

There are different factors you need to keep in mind to determine your eligibility for Australian residency. It will make the whole process stress-free and it can help you better in leading this dream into the right direction for permanent residency in Australia.

The Commonwealth Government has laid various requirements which should be met by the international students before they get permanent residency. The opportunities for foreign students are undoubtedly high to apply for permanent residency.

But keep in mind that you should complete up to 2 years of education, i.e. non-technical or technical, at any certified educational institution in the country. Just after completing the course and having a diploma or degree, you can apply for permanent residency in the country. By completing certain courses, you can also be eligible for permanent residency even though you don’t have any work experience.

The applicant will also need to undergo certain skill assessment tests conducted by the Australian authorities. It is important to judge your capability and to determine if you fulfill the criteria of permanent residency.